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The Economic Development Strategy

A lot has changed since the City of Kenmore's first Economic Development Strategy in 2009. Remarkable progress has been made toward the strategies centered around Kenmore’s city image, downtown, connection to the waterfront, and business retention and expansion goals. The long planned-for and city-led success of the Kenmore Village projects are finally coming to fruition in the form of a genuine city center development. Dozens of new multi-family units in The Spencer 68 and LINQ buildings; a new health clinic and community space; and additional hospitality and commercial mixed use proposals in the pipeline are re-defining downtown Kenmore – and changing the calculus underpinning economic vitality in the city.

Kenmore recently initiated an update of their Economic Development Strategy and is working with Community Attributes Inc., a Seattle-based land use and economic development consulting firm, to lead this update. The City desires an updated economic development strategy rooted in current market and industry dynamics. The City wishes to understand its capacity for commercial growth and how that impacts future opportunities.

To ground this work in local priorities, the City of Kenmore is conducting public outreach focused on gathering feedback from a broad spectrum of businesses owners and residents. This feedback will complement other ongoing outreach efforts. The comments collected through this website will be leveraged to identify project goals and strategies for economic development and ensure that the Economic Development Strategy reflects local priorities and initiatives. In short, we want to hear from you and learn about your ideas for the City of Kenmore!


Map Your Ideas

A critical component of the visioning process is public input. Below is a public comment tool which allows people to submit their ideas about Kenmore and assign those comments with specific locations. The tool also provides the opportunity to see what others are saying.

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Zoom in and pan left, right, up, or down to explore the map. Click on the map icons to explore individual comments.

Submit Your Own Idea

Select Add Your Own Marker below to submit your comments and ideas. Click anywhere on the map to submit ideas or insights related to future planning for the area using the categories described below. Use the drop-down menu in the pop-up box that will appear to help organize your idea or insight by specific topics. Be sure to click "submit" when finished!

Economic Development

Tell us about specific sites, locations, policies/programs and market opportunities that we should be aware of.

Economic Development

Provide examples where challenges exist related to economic development.

Economic Development

Use this category to tell us about any other ideas and thoughts you have on economic development in the City.

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For more information on the City of Kenmore and the Economic Development Strategy please visit the following pages:

2009 Economic Development Strategy

The 2009 Economic Development Strategy was designed to serve as a roadmap, outlining actions the City could take over the next five years to ensure a sustainable, diversified, and healthy economy for Kenmore and maintain a high quality of life for its residents.

View the 2009 Plan

Current Business Services in Kenmore

Find updates to current development projects on the Business Services page. Learn about the Downtown Kenmore and Lakepointe plans and other economic development efforts in the city.

Learn More


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